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Haleema Linares

Haleema Linares


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Haleema Linares is an Event and Sales Strategist who partners with individuals, groups, or corporations to create unique events that are designed to meet partner-client needs. She spent nearly a decade working in Las Vegas, New York, and Miami to transform the visions of multimillion-dollar companies and startups into virtual, immersive, and experiential environments. While as a company owner or as an employee, she has planned events from 50 to 5,000+ guests for small gatherings and large conventions. She can offer expert guidance on what venues and vendors will work best for your specific event, based on your specific vision, design, budget, guest count, and overall priorities for your attendees and audience. Most recently, she was featured in an article titled “Spending Smart on Decor for Fundraisers,” in the Special Event magazine.  

Haleema is drawn to the fast-paced, high energy and dynamic world of events. She is trusted and highly regarded in the event world due to her creativity, attention to detail, patience, ability to multi-task, fair pricing, contract negotiations, creative problem solving, and ability to stay calm under pressure. Having done close to $1 million in sales her first year in business, she also managed a team of 10 employees while being an on-site operation and project manager.

She consistently brings fresh and exciting ideas to drive award-winning customized fabrication, Instagrammable moments, and sold-out events. It’s not about mastering the event theme of the season- it’s how well you listen to the client’s vision, think outside of the box, and turn blank canvases into unforgettable experiences.

Haleema is a previous partner at Sktch Events. 

Dalarie Gonzales

Dalarie Gonzales

Director of Sales

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From gaining hospitality experience in hotel group sales at The Westin Las Vegas, Cosmopolitan, and the W Austin, to living a life on the road in music festival production, both roles finally came together at ACCESS DMC Las Vegas. She has worked to create over $6 million dollars worth of unforgettable events with major clients such as NFLPA, Darden Restaurant Group, Roxy, Quicksilver, and Pepsi.

Dalarie has a strong passion for people, so once she meets a client, they instantly become a friend. This equates to working together stress-free in order to bring the event vision to life. To her, the best part of curating an event is watching the guest’s first impression of the space as they enter. That is when the magic happens! When she is not coordinating and planning, you can find her hanging around with her golden retriever – Bo Jackson, flying to a tropical destination, or cheering on the Las Vegas Raiders!

Ricardo Vega

Ricardo Vega

Lead Designer

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Ricardo was born and raised in New York City at a time when it was creative, raw, scary, thrilling, and above all ALIVE and ELECTRIC. In his youth, he soaked up this energy like a sponge and channeled it into his high school education in architecture and professional education in fashion design. Upon graduating from the esteemed Parsons School of Design, he quickly took advantage of the endless opportunities to thrive in an industry where individualistic artistic expression is celebrated. While working in Apparel and Accessories design for high-visibility clients such as Victoria’s Secret, Aeropostale, Liz Claiborne Inc., and Claire’s, he lived and traveled to the Netherlands, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Turkey, London, Paris, Spain. In 2018, in hopes of establishing some roots in the U.S., he decided to leverage his vast design experience and knowledge and break into event planning. Initially not knowing a single soul in Las Vegas, he has since established lasting and meaningful relationships in the industry. 

When he is not researching fresh design ideas for the next Canvas Event, he works to perfect his skills as a gymnast. Ricardo lives by the quote of “I do not allow fear to cripple me, I respect the fear of the unknowing, and I challenge myself by taking leaps forward to enhance my mind, body, and soul which ends up feeding my creativity”.

Kelly Codali

Kelly Codali


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Kelly is a Las Vegas local for the last 12 years.  Prior to Las Vegas, Kelly grew up in a military family and has lived in 10 different states.  She graduated from UNLV with a Bachelors’s in Meeting and Event Management and has been in the event industry ever since.

She has five years of experience working with/on festivals, corporate events, destination management, social events, and more. Her passion and dedication to operations have created lifelong clients and friends.


Special Events Magazine

“Millennials have had a huge impact on my design lately, not only are they a powerful audience, but they value experiences over things, which is what events are leaning towards—creating an experience. They are influencing me to create more interactive, fun, live experiences for everyone to enjoy.”
 Haleema Linares, Sktch Events